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“The Aviator” is a series of paintings that finds such stories of strong eternal meaning and brings their poignant fragility to the human eye.
JUXTAPOSITON (The Colorful Underwater World and a Plane Wreck)
There is the beauty of the Universe and then there is its indifference towards whatever small or grand tragedies we perceive.
End of the world takes many forms. Our own end will probably be nothing more than a colorful, impersonal composition juxtaposed on human emotions and on the meaning that we impose on reality.
“The Healer” is a series of art works that capture the realization of spiritual fulfillment.
“The Path to Enlightenment” shows that every living being has an inner light that can be either held inside or released to shine. This inner light will show the way and it is up to every living creature if they follow or not.
Acrilic on canvas, 70×70 cm
Vă prezint colecția de 5 tablouri pictate manual „ZBOR ÎN VIS”
Lucrările prezintă diverse peisaje imaginare văzute din zbor și armonia perfectă cu care se îmbină formele în natură. Am încercat să redau această îmbinare a formelor printr-o stratigrafie cromatică halucinantă și printr-un joc complex de texturi.

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